I first met Pastor Kurt Baker while I was at New Hope Recovery Ranch. Pastor Kurt had come out to the Ranch as a guest speaker. After hearing him speak I felt like the Lord had given me some direction as to where I was to go after I finished my time at the Ranch. I felt like the Lord had told me to find Pastor Kurt, and submit myself under his authority and leadership. A month after this Pastor Kurt had come back out to the Ranch again, this time to be part of a treasure hunt. I had instant confirmation in my spirit that I was supposed to link up with Pastor Kurt as soon as I was finished with the Ranch program.

After I finished my program at the Ranch I found Pastor Kurt and his wife Allyson. That was two and a half years ago. In that period of time I have seen so many incredible moves of God and the Holy Spirit. I have seen the impossible take a knee to the name of Jesus. I have seen the sick recover and cancer beaten. I have seen people get out of wheelchairs and toss aside canes. I have seen the chains of addiction broken off so many people and I have seen countless families restored. I have seen the hope brought back to the hopeless and I have seen people cured of harmful religion.

I also saw God take a group of six people meeting in a living room on Sunday morning and transform that into what Destiny Christian Center is today. I have been able to witness what can be accomplished by faith and with full reliance on God. Destiny Christian Center of Reno was founded on faith and prayer, lots of it! I have seen so much growth in the people who serve at Destiny Christian Center, especially myself. Destiny Christian Center is a very special place where the tangible presence of God can be found. DCCR is also a house of freedom, worship, and love.

The heart of our church is reaching the lost. The lost isn’t just the homeless person or the drunks’ downtown. Anyone who does not know Jesus is lost. Part of God’s plan for my life is an anointing and passion for outreach to the lost. God knew what he was doing when he told me to find Pastor Kurt and ask him to mentor me. God also knew what he was doing with everyone who currently attends DCCR. We are so much more than a church. We are a family. That is the way it is supposed to be. We love, help, serve, disciple, and humor everyone in our family. It is the family element that I find so amazing about our church!

I would have never believed it if I would have been told a few years ago what God was going to let me be a part of with Destiny Christian Center. From our local park outreach ministry to being on the streets of San Francisco witnessing alongside Pastor Kurt, God continues to astound me. God has called Destiny Christian Center to be a church that follows in the ways of the King, full of love and very bold. I am so blessed to be a part of this body of believers and I can only stand in awe of what God will do next with DCCR! I know it will be a very wild ride!

Derek Hughes